Build the Economy through Entrepreneurship: Sipho Mseleku’s Call to African Governments and Business Leaders
Sep 16, 2020
Sipho Mseleku appointed Adjunct Professor in the College of Economics & Management Sciences, UNISA
Feb 11, 2021
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AfricaLive: What was your vision for starting Sakhumnotho Group Holdings (Pty) Ltd, and what challenges have you had to overcome?

After building South Africa based Sakhumnotho Group Holdings into a thriving, diversified investment firm, CEO Sipho Mseleku began to look at the challenges facing Africa’s entrepreneurs. Realising that Africa’s chances of economic success are limited by an education system that fails to develop an entrepreneurial and innovative mindset in Africa’s youth, Mr Mseleku and Sakhumnotho Group have put entrepreneurial education at the heart of their mission.

Through the Global School of Entrepreneurship (GBSE) and Global Business Roundtable (GBR), Sakhumnotho Group has set about creating the environment required for SMEs to develop across the continent. (

In this interview, Mr Mseleku shares his views with AfricaLive on the importance of morals and ethics in business and puts forward an ambitious vision for uplifting Africa through the power of entrepreneurship, impact investing, and empowering the youth of the continent.

AfricaLive: What was your vision for starting Sakhumnotho Group Holdings (Pty) Ltd, and what challenges have you had to overcome?

Mr Mseleku: Sakhumnotho Group Holdings Ltd is a Pan-African investment holding company that invests in diverse sectors of the economy. We invest in several key sectors of this continent, including oil and gas, financial services, mining, media and communication, education, real estate, and ICT. We began with a vision to create an investment holding company hailing from South Africa and growing into other parts of Africa. Today, we have grown immensely and lived up to our name Sakhumnotho, which means ‘build the economy’ in isiZulu. Our main aim is to be a change agent in the community by positively impacting people’s lives.

We have made great strides since inception in enhancing job creation and enabling poverty reduction. Our approach has been a strong focus on entrepreneurship. We at Sakhumnotho believe that entrepreneurship is the missing piece towards the growth of African economies. For this reason, we created the Global School of Entrepreneurship, and are part of the Global Business Roundtable (GBR). We have also established the GBR Leadership Academy two years ago, geared at instilling moral values, ethics and corporate governance into the way we prepare people for their role in business, government and any leadership position. 2019, ‘Sipho Mseleku; Interview

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