Our Business


Sakhumnotho Group Holdings (Pty) Ltd was founded in June 2000 by a group of four black professionals with experience and expertise in financial services, legal services, merchant and investment banking. At its inception, the company focused on corporate advisory services and consulting. The focus was on structuring black economic empowerment transactions, conducting valuations, due diligence, capital raising and documentation.
From 2002 the company changed its focus from being an advisory services firm to become a diversified investment holding company with interests in financial services, mining, property, oil and gas, education, surveillance and security systems, ICT and other strategic investments.
Sakhumnotho is primarily an equity investor in predetermined sectors of the economy. We invest in the experience, track record and sound management of well-run businesses, taking minority positions and influencing decision-making to ensure the growth of enterprises where we have an interest. The Group is highly circumspect and cautious when it comes to green-field opportunities. Our investment and growth strategies are to identify investment opportunities with strong short-term revenue generation and long-term capital appreciation. The company aims to achieve authentic broad-based empowerment objectives through its transactions, as such, it participates in several joint ventures with like-minded consortium partners. This approach allows us to empower small players and to authentically achieve Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment.
Sakhumnotho Group focuses on the advancement of previously disadvantaged individuals through its philanthropic work and impact projects through our strategic partners: the Global Business Roundtable (NPC), Global Fund for Jesus (GFFJ) and Sakhumnotho Foundation. The Group works with these non-profit organisations to ensure we not only transform balance sheets but also transform communities. The Group has vast networks with various business associates, public sector institutions, private sector companies locally and internationally. We use our relationships to create opportunities for our stakeholders.
The company operates on a foundation of Good Corporate Governance and Business Ethics. The Board of Directors ensure that legal compliance is maintained and that there is continuous monitoring of company performance against strategic objectives. The Company aims to increase value for shareholders by making informed business decisions, that yield a high return on investment.
Our Values
Sakhumnotho is made up of two Zulu words: ‘Sakha - building or creating" and "Umnotho - wealth or the economy". Therefore, we create value for our shareholders while giving back and building the economy