ASG Leads Acquisition of Orkney Seed Processing Facility from SENWES Ltd
February 17, 2023
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For 23 years, our dedication has been to build the economy for future generations. We have strived to live up to our philosophy; to avidly invest in communities as we do in business. 

Sakhumnotho Group Holdings established yearly internship programmes to challenge the status quo and reignite hope for this nation. In a country that battles the third highest unemployment rate in the world, young people are faced with a tough economy to live and work in.

We developed this programme to improve the quality of life for young graduates, equipping them with the necessary experience to reach their full potential and contribute to the economy through consumer spending, ultimately creating economic sustainability for the future.

Our staff is predominantly young people with an unwavering determination to thrive in their chosen fields. Because we understand that the most backbreaking stage of any goal is at the start, the internship programme is vital in kick starting the careers of many professionals who walk through our doors.

We would like to wish the youth of Mzansi a happy youth day. May you find a bucket load of chutzpah as you sail to new heights and defeat the odds set before you. May the admirable display of bravery and grit by the youth of 1976 propel you to never stop for anybody. Sakhumnotho Group is behind you as you define your path and become a leading light for this generation.


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