Jun 26

Mbuyelo Group

Sakhumnotho Coal acquires 10% of Mbuyelo Group, a coal mining Group with extensive open cast mining operations in the Mpumalanga area.
Feb 9

Sulzer Pumps (SA)

25.1% of Sulzer Pumps South Africa acquired by Sakhumnotho Pumps. Sulzer Pumps Limited is the South African subsidiary of Swiss-based multinational engineering firm which manufactures industrial..Read More
Jan 25

Cam Secure

30% of Cam Secure was acquired by Sakhumnotho Group Holdings.
Jan 1

Document Storage & Cylon Technologies

Sakhumnotho Group acquires, 40% of Document Storage and 30% of Cylon Technologies.
Jan 1

Sakhumnotho Advisory Services Closed

From 2002 the company changed its focus from being an advisory services firm to become a diversified investment holding company with interests in financial services, mining,..Read More
Jan 20

Sakhumnotho Consulting Incorporated

Sakhumnotho started as a consulting and corporate advisory services outfit, focusing on transaction advisory services shortly after the BBBEE legislation was enacted.