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Feb 11, 2021
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Sakhumnotho Deal signing with Blackslope

Everlectric Press Statement

Sakhumnotho Group Holdings (Pty) Ltd (“Sakhumnotho”) is a leading black controlled and black management investment holding company with a 20 year track record. Sakhumnotho currently has a diversified portfolio including interests in mining and resources, Oil and Gas, Property, Manufacturing and various other sectors. Sakhumnotho has partnered with Everlectric, an innovative start-up, that is deploying globally leading electric vehicle technology, coupled with a disruptive commercialisation model, in the logistics value chain in South Africa. The Everlectric electric vehicle solution is operationally competitive when compared to combustion engines vehicles for existing logistics applications, with significant cost and environmental benefits, targeted at an exceptionally large primary market segment. Sakhumnotho has entered into binding agreements to acquire up to 30% interest in Everlectric.

“Sakhumnotho has identified investment in technology enabled businesses as an important component of the group’s growth strategy. Our investment in Everlectric represents an opportunity to invest in leading technologies in the Electric Vehicle market segment whilst partnering with a young, dynamic and ambitious team bringing new technology to South Africa.

We are a values driven company and we are pleased with the strategic alignment between us and the Everlectric team. We look forward to working with the Everlectric team to create shareholder value.“ Prof. Sipho Mseleku.

“Everlectric is proud to partner with our strategic investors, Sakhumnotho, who share our vision to be leaders in the future of mobility. Together we will boldly lead the transformation of the logistics industry to more efficient and greener electric vehicles ecosystems.

Globally there is fundamental shift to more sustainable business practice, including in logistics which to date have had limited viable options to decarbonise their fleets. The Everlectric value proposition is not only environmentally friendly but it returns significant efficiency and cost savings to the logistics value chain. Through an innovative bundling of commercial electric vehicles, a network of charging infrastructure, free electricity (fuel) and an enabling digital IOT platform, Everlectric reduces the barrier of adoption for our clients. Our team has rapidly garnered a large amount of interest from South Africa’s leading logistics operators, several of whom have committed to partner with Everlectric on the journey to rapidly electrify their commercial fleets.

Our relationship with Sakhumnotho supercedes the financial investment, we share a clear strategic alignment and vested interest in the transition to sustainable mobility. The Sakhumnotho partnership signals the first step towards a future that is ever-green, ever-efficient and Everlectric.”

Deal Signing

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