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Sakhumnotho Oil and Gas in partnership with Bridging the Gap have each acquired equity in Nu Fuel, a company established to focus on the recycling of waste tyres in order to produce fuel. Recycling of tyres has become an absolute necessity in South Africa in order to eliminate hundreds of thousands tons of scattered tyres all over the country as they are seen on dumping sites, rivers etc.


In December 2015, the Kilimanjaro Sakhumnotho Consortium acquired a stake in Total South Africa, Sakhumnotho is the shareholder of Kilimanjaro Sakhumnotho Consortium. The transaction Value at the time of closure was R1.7 Billion.

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Kilimanjaro Sakhumnotho Consortium has completed a capital raise for a facility to develop 20 service stations. It intends to deploy this capital to develop sites that will benefit Historically Disadvantaged Individuals.

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