As an investment holding Company, we operate on a simple business model and flat structure, which is geared towards long-term investing whilst appreciating opportunities that can realise short-term revenue generation.

Our strategic objective is to grow our net asset value across all our investments in line with our strategic plan. The key strategic sectors where we invest are Financial Services, Mining, Energy (oil and gas | renewables), Property, Agriculture, Education; Technology, Media & Telecoms.

To maximise short-term revenue generation opportunities, the Group has established operating business units to unlock more value and leverage the value chains further down in the sectors where we are invested. Sakhumnotho Energy, Mpilo Capital, Gweru Health and Mpilo Advisory Services aim to supply world-class service offerings to their respective clients.
Sakhumnotho is made up of two Zulu words: “Siyakha – meaning, building or creating” and “Umnotho – meaning, wealth or the economy”. Therefore, we aim to create value for our shareholders while giving back to the communities around us and helping to build the economy for South Africa, Africa and the world.